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Microsoft Developer Evangelist

January, 2012

  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Tip: Awesome Marketplace Screenshots

    Here’s a tool that makes your emulator’s start screen look less like an emulator and more like a phone. If you look at screenshots in the Marketplace that show the Start Screen, you will notice something strange – they all look the same – usually an Internet...
  • Jerry Nixon

    System Center’s Private Cloud

    My colleague IT Pro Evangelist in California just posted a clear and exciting explanation of the changes to System Center to create a Private Cloud in enterprises leveraging Microsoft technologies. As you may have heard, there have been some big...
  • Jerry Nixon

    White Paper: Assessing the Windows 8 Development Platform

    I love to see the great insights our partners are making: At the Build conference in September 2011, Microsoft provided details about their next operating system release, code name “Windows 8.” Leading up to this conference there has been...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: 3 Solutions to Formatting Problems

    One of the most powerful aspects of XAML is it’s rich and dynamic support for data binding. MSDN : Data binding provides a simple way for Silverlight-based applications to display and interact with data. The way data is displayed is separated from the...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: 5 Must-Have Animations

    Metro Principles There are four Principles of Design for Windows Phone applications. MSDN : Metro is the name of the new design language created for the Windows Phone 7 interface. When given the chance for a fresh start, the Windows Phone design team...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows Server 8 Storage Management

    Windows Server 8 is introducing seriously big and awesome enhancements for the enterprise. As a cloud-optimized operating system, Storage Management has a host of new features and requirements. My colleague IT Pro evangelist, Chris Henley, in California...
  • Jerry Nixon

    5 Questions on Solid State

    One of our Colorado Storage MVPs, and coordinator of the Windows Technology User Group , recently wrote an article Search Data Center addressing 5 of the core questions around SSD. Everyone wants better storage performance and solid state drive...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Massively Scalable Azure

    My colleague Developer Evangelist in Southern California, Bruno Terkaly, recently presented a compelling web cast on Building a Massively Scalable Platform for Consumer Devices on Windows Azure. Don’t miss this! The webcast is based on a talk...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Does it still make sense to learn ASP.Net?

    Wow, what a fascinating question! Scott Gutherie deals with that and other great questions during his User Group presentation to LIDNUG on Jan 16, 2012. What is the future of Silverlight? Will Silverlight desktop apps run on Windows 8? What's new in ...
  • Jerry Nixon

    PhoneGap fully supports Windows Phone

    In addition to being able to leverage their HTML5 and Javascript skills to target Windows Phone, developers can now enjoy a selection of PhoneGap Plugins that support social networks and a solid integration into Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: Introducing the Info Hub

    If I could ask God one question, it would surely be “Where am I going to die?” That way I could avoid it. With my bad luck He would likely say “the bathroom.” D’oh! Seriously, for Windows Phone developers there’s a lot of information to know (about the...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: a Secondary Tile in 5 Minutes

    Your Windows Phone application is fast. Your Windows Phone application uses animations. Your Windows Phone application is Metro. How can you make it better? Think about your user at a bus stop. They see the bus coming. “Oh!” they think, remembering they...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: The ApplicationBar’s Secret Blend?

    A Windows Phone application is made up of a frame and pages. The Pages are made up of XAML that define the UI and the Application Bar . The Application Bar is made up of Application Bar Icon Buttons and Menu Items . MSDN : The default Application Bar...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: Delete Dramatically

    In a previous post I walked through the five must-have animations for a Windows Phone application . Since then, some readers have offered a 6th – the “Delete from a List” animation. This animation is also a great opportunity to tout the virtues of the...
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