Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

April, 2012

  • Jerry Nixon

    Learn Windows Phone in Denver

    Windows Phone Unleashed is the premier developer event for Windows Phone. If you live in Denver, don’t miss your opportunity to get exposure to serious know-how, labs, peers, and prizes. What : Windows Phone Developer Camp Where : Microsoft Offices in...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mac Security Situation is Getting Worse

    In a recent ZDNet article by Emil Protalinski ( Apple ‘10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security’ ), he talks about history repeating. “Apple is now entering the same world as Microsoft has been in for more than 10 years: updates, security patches...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Can Windows Phone pick up when Android drops off?

    In a recent CNET article by Dan Farber ( Android not Critical to Google? Really? ), he talks about Google’s recent, strange comments about Android: During the Oracle v. Google trial , the value of the Android platform to the Internet giant has been a...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8: Thank you, Los Angeles

    The Windows 8 Anchor Event @ Club Nokia in Los Angeles went off without a hitch on Monday. We were able to reach out to hundreds of developers locally and hundreds more online. If you were present @ the event, thank you for attending. The whole team of...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Developer Links to Learn about Visual Studio 11

    Visual Studio 11 is retooled for Metro development in Windows 8. However, there is *so* much more than that. Visual Studio 11 has a rich set of new features and capabilities. Here are some links to check out what new in the BETA: Visual Studio 11 BETA...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8: Connected Standby

    Windows 7 has Power Management features allowing you to impact power consumption. One feature is Standby (called S3); this puts your PC to bed – during which no code is executed. The resume time from S3 is very fast because the system has been suspended...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Imagine Cup | USA People’s Choice | Get out the vote!

    Students from around the country compete to solve problems with technology. Indeed, here’s their mission : Create real-world software applications using Microsoft technologies. Just remember, they must address the Imagine Cup 2012 theme: Imagine a world...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8 Developer Camp

    Hey, are you a Metro developer? What’s that? Windows 8 is still in beta? Great point, but already developers like you are starting to self-identify themselves as Metro Developers – they are becoming mobile-aware developers on the Microsoft platform: desktop...
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