Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

February, 2013

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Locking Asynchronous File Operations

    imageWhen I started writing Windows 8 apps, one of my first productions was wrapping file operations in a helper class called StorageHelper. This class has successfully been leveraged by thousands of Windows 8 developers. I certainly use it every time I interact with a File or a Setting.

    But the StorageHelper isn’t perfect in every scenario. For most mainstream applications it is perfect. But for some edge cases where file operations occur in parallel, an asynchronous read or write may not complete before another operation is attempted on the same file. This causes parallel locking. Hans Windhoff, a community developer in Colorado, took my StorageHelper and updated it with the solution – solving locks with some smarts and voodoo.

    Here’s Hans’ experience:

  • Jerry Nixon

    App Challenge: Windows 8 Apps For Social Good Contest

    Entries must serve a "social good". WE define this as a good or service that provides some sort of benefit to the general public and doesn’t solely exist to provide the maximum possible return to shareholders. Some classic examples of social...
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