Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

June, 2013

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Reordering items in a GridView with Drag and Drop

    So, you have some data showing in a GridView . You have ordered it programmatically. Now, you want to let the user reorder it, manually, by dragging and dropping GridView items anywhere they want. Is it easy? It sure is. GridView inherits from ListViewBase...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Starfleet Avatar Store on Xbox Live

    imageYou know how people take a great idea and go too far? You know how a joke suddenly goes serious and the whole group gets a little uncomfortable. It reminds me of Galaxy Quest (1999) when the Captain Kirk spoof, Jason, call his obsessed fan, Brandon (Justin Long from Ed!):

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Windows 8 Extended Splash Screen

    So we have two real problems: If your app does not present a UI to the user in a given time, Windows 8 will assume your app is frozen and will terminate it. If your app does not present a UI to the user in a given time, the user will assume your app is...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Cash for Clouds

    Beginning June 3rd, the Windows Azure Trial, MSDN, MPN, and BizSpark benefits will change. Instead of a confusing set of “free” services, customers will receive monetary credits toward their Azure usage. This allows them to apply their benefits toward...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8 and Windows Phone Exclusive: Halo Spartan Assault

    What’s this? A new Halo game? Yes! And what’s this? Exclusive to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Yes! We’re starting to see what we’ve been expecting for some time – Microsoft titles being released as exclusives to the Microsoft platform. This, Smart Glass...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Star Trek into Darkness plot holes

    I would like to take a second and compliment the latest Star Trek movie: Star Trek into Darkness. The reprise of the new-timeline series brings back their solid cast to fight a classic enemy. The Enterprise refit is beautiful, the uniforms are stellar...
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