Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

December, 2013

  • Jerry Nixon

    Make it snow with XAML

    XAML is a very flexible technology platform. This time of year, some of the nicest things you can do is release apps that contain the character of the season. Since I am in Colorado, a lot of that character surrounds the weather. Snow is an easy ambiance...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Decorate your tree with XAML.

    Next week is Christmas. I know most of you are scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Here’s an idea: a custom app built just for her. What could she love more than vector-based graphics on a touch screen? How she’ll remember this...
  • Jerry Nixon

    The two ways to handle orientation in your Windows 8.1 app

    imageAh, elegance. Handling orientation basically means adjusting your app to account for real estate changes when the user pivots their device from Landscape to Portrait, or when the user adjusts your app’s width.

    In Windows 8.0, there were four possible orientations: FullView (1366x768), FillView (1024x768), SnapView (320x768), and Portrait (768x1366). In Windows 8.1 there are two possible orientations: Landscape (width > height) and Portrait (width < height).

    CAVEAT: In either case, screen size (inches) can vary across devices. An increase in screen size (not to be confused with resolution), introduces new (or less) real estate for your app’s UX. As a result, developers should build responsive layouts to handle increases and decreases in screen real estate.

    Nostalgia: Yonder SnapView?

    Kids today don’t even know what we’re talking about when we say SnapView. We might as well be talking vacuum tubes and punch cards. So, where’s SnapView? Here’s the secret: it’s still there! In Windows 8.1 the minimum app width is 500 pixels. However, with a simple setting in your app’s manifest the 320 pixel width comes right back! You just don’t have SnapView enum anymore.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Over $100 million available to purchase Windows apps this holiday

    imageLike most retailers, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store see a spike in shopping activity around the holidays. Last year holiday sales of paid apps grew 40% over baseline, and we expect an even more robust Holiday 2013 due to an even larger base of Windows and Windows Phone users with more ways to pay for apps.

    This holiday season we’re launching Windows Store gift cards, making it easy for consumers to purchase apps from the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store.

  • Jerry Nixon

    XAML: How to add ItemsSource to the Windows 8.1 MenuFlyout

    With Windows 8.0, Flyout options for developers were constrained to 1) custom development to get what you wanted or 2) using my Settings and Flyout helpers to shortcut the custom work, or using Tim’s Callisto Flyout to do it for you. They all worked,...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Students can make real cash this holiday season on Windows 8.

    Introducing the Windows 8 Holiday App Challenge! Build an App Build your Windows 8 App and publish it to the Windows Store. Submit the app link HERE to be eligible to win a $50 gift card. Promote the App Promote your app and get 100 downloads. Find tips...
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