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  • Blog Post: Windows 8.1 design principles hand developers back their sanity

    When the computer mouse was new, it was simple to use but unfamiliar to users. As a result, user manuals could not say “click the red X”. Instead, they had to say, “move the mouse on your desk to control the pointer on your screen”. The idea of the mouse was new – the conversation had to start several...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8.1 says, “Forget all that Design Stuff from Windows 8.0”

    WHAT DESIGNERS HAD BETTER KNOW ABOUT WINDOWS 8.1 Let’s be perfectly clear, the Windows Design Guidelines in Windows 8.1 are, at a high-level, identical to those in Windows 8.0. However, in their practical and tactical guidance they are so different, that idyllic Windows 8.1 apps would potentially fail...
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