Why use the Loader at all? 

Well - the Loader together with the overall versioning story for SBA/Office Accounting is designed to make integration as smooth as possible and take away the big hurdles of requiring external applications to control and implement their own versioning story.

In SBA 2006 you had to find the install folder for SBA in order to use a particular version AND you had to verify that the database was the correct version for those assemblies.

But with Office Accounting you can write an external application without having to worry about what assemblies to load for a given company/database and what interfaces to use.

The external application simply binds to the desired version of the SBA interfaces (usually the latest) and all future versions of Office Accounting will always implement these interfaces (and new future interfaces). The Loader will then load the correct version of the assemblies needed to use a given database and return the necessary SBA objects like FormsFactory, SmallBusinessInstance, & ReportsEngine.

You can write an application that works with SBA 2006 and be sure it also works with all future versions of Office Accounting without having to re-release the application to your customers when a new version of Office Accounting is released.

In the following blog entries I'll go over the basics of using the Loader beginning with how to get the Loader and the SBA objects and continuing with how to launch forms and reports and save SDK objects.