This is a question that comes up a lot in the news groups.

"Why can I not restore the company on a new machine or after installing Vista?" OR "Why can't I open the company with the old company file?"

Depending on the scenario you get an error "This operation can only be performed while connected to a company on a local machine." or perhaps "Current version of the accounting application does not support this operation.".

The issue is that the company file (sbc-file) is really just a shortcut pointing to the database and computer that stores the actual data. So if you resuse the sbc-file when doing a restore on a new computer or when the computer name has changed after installing a new operating system, the file will still be pointing to the old computer. The error messages are because you cannot restore to a different computer than the one you are currently logged on to, or when you are using the Express version which does not support remote operations.

The solution to this is easy - you can edit the computer name in the sbc-file or in case of restore, simply enter a new sbc-file name in restore dialog instead of using the existing name.

This is what a company file looks like when you edit it in Notepad: