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This blog discusses how to write applications that integrate with Office Accounting.

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  • Blog Post: Catching exceptions from the loader

    The Loader implements a LoaderException class derived from ApplicationException similar to the way that SBA implements SmallBusinessExceptions. Since the Loader is using reflection to call methods on the SBA objects themselves (like Logon and Initialize ) it can throw both LoaderExceptions and TargetInvokationExceptions...
  • Blog Post: What do you get when using the Loader

    Why use the Loader at all? Well - the Loader together with the overall versioning story for SBA/Office Accounting is designed to make integration as smooth as possible and take away the big hurdles of requiring external applications to control and implement their own versioning story. In SBA 2006...
  • Blog Post: Getting the SBA objects

    The loader interface provides a method for retrieving the SmallBusinessInstance, FormsFactory, and ReportEngine for a given database. ISbaObjects GetSbaObjects( string configurationFile); The method also has overloads that take a configuration -object or the database and server name. The calling...
  • Blog Post: How to get the Loader for SBA

    The Loader is installed as a separate msi with Office Accounting. The Loader assemblies are installed into GAC including the interfaces. Any external application using the Loader should bind to the interface assembly "ILoader.dll". An external application should never bind to the actual implementation...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to my blog for ISVs wanting to integrate with Office Accounting

    In this blog I will write about integrating external applications with Office Accounting. I have worked on SBA 2006 and now Office Accounting 2007 since the beginning and one project I was fortunate enough to work on was the design and implementation of the new Loader for SBA.
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