• The "Analyzer" -- Emphasizes preparation.  Learning occurs before performance.  Picks apart tasks into their compontents.  Good at planning
  • The "Doer" -- Learning occurs *during* performance.   Trial and error is how most learning happens
  • The "Watcher" -- Learns through emulation.  Needs to see the complete picture before things make sense

I wonder how each of these folks would do under different development methodologies?

The Analyzer sounds most at home in a waterfall.  Analyzers tend to be good at making detailed plans up front.

The Doer sounds like a good candidate for a spiral or iterative model, where "trial and error" are built into the development process.

The Watcher... OK, maybe the watcher doesn't map to any particular methodology.

I myself can remember plenty of times where I sat down to plan something, focused on doing it "the right way" and allowing for lots of planning, only to get completely stymied.  In every case I can recall, I was able to get past this roadblock only by firing up the IDE and trying some things out.  I don't know if this is common or not, but it sounds like I'm a "doer".