Another WS-ReliableMessaging implementation on WSE 2.0

Another WS-ReliableMessaging implementation on WSE 2.0

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Andrés G Vettori just posted another WS-ReliableMessaging implementation on WSE 2.0.    He's also made the code available to anyone that wants it.

Have a look - just be aware that the spec on which this was built is still subject to change.

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  • This doesnt apply just to WS-ReliableMessaging.

    More matured specs such as WS-Security looks set and is subject to change as well.
  • Actually of all the WS-* specs, WS-Security is probably the most mature. (See - it took about 2 years to get through the OASIS process.)

    While WS-Security was approved as an OASIS standard in April 2004, errata was published in July 2004 (see above link). Its quite normal for an initial rev of a standards spec to have eratta (the W3C's XML Technical Recommendation is up to a "3rd Edition" due to the volume of accumulated errata and fixes/clarifications).
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