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    An Abstract SOA Reference Model

    A fluffy draft on a fluffy topic - feedback and flames encouraged... ---- While a well planned and executed SOA undertaking can help organizations realize greater responsiveness in a changing marketplace, not all service-oriented efforts have been successful...
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    Recurring Architectural Capabilities

    More fluffy draft on yet another fluffy topic... Again, feedback encouraged. -- Recurring Architectural Capabilities As we saw earlier, the SOA architectural model is fractal. This means that a service can be used to Expose IT assets (such as a Line of...
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    Yet Another Acronym

    We've been discussing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) related to new technologies for almost a decade. Now its time for FUD 2.0 - except we're going to call it FUDGE (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt around Governance in the Enterprise) because nobody doesn...
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    WS-BPEL 2.0 Approved as an OASIS Standard

    I am happy to state that BPEL is finally approved as an official OASIS standard. Its been a long time coming (just short of four years) but its finally done. The official press release is here (and below). (BTW, Jack is not part of the official press...
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    BPEL Primer - work in progress

    The WS-BPEL Primer is a non-normative doc that will be finished by 5/14 (at the latest). A draft of the work in progress is publicly accessible here (doc format): http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/23470/wsbpel-primer-draft_April_11.doc...
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    Help influence the future of BPEL on the Microsoft platform

    Apparently over 3,000 people have downloaded the BPEL Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) . Now it's your turn to tell us what you love or hate about the implementation. To do this you'll need to sign up for a...
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