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  • Blog Post: "Office Open XML will meet our new standards for acceptable open formats"

    MA reverses itself on adopting Microsoft Office Open XML format. You can get a sneak peek at Office Open XML format here . Update : Sun's Carl Cargill urges MA to rethink its opinion . Cargill raises a rather interesting point ( according to ComputerWorld ) - (emphasis mine): Cargill said...
  • Blog Post: IMS Advanced Web Services Profiles

    I MS (Instructional Management Systems, Global Learning Consortium - ) is an international standards group developing interoperable technical standards for e-Learning. Membership includes leading technology system suppliers, publishers, user organizations and universities active in...
  • Blog Post: Indigo has arrived

    You know you want it. Now go get it .
  • Blog Post: Thinking about SOA (again)

    Eventually we’ll stop talking about SOA and go back to talking about Architecture. When we stop talking about SOA it will finally become a reality (who talks about 3-tier architectures anymore?). Thanks to Harry for this one! SOAs are like snowflakes – no two will be the same. SOAs will most likely be...
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