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From Software Factories to Software Automation

About Jezz Santos and This Blog


About Jezz Santos and This Blog

About Jezz

Jezz Santos is a Software Delivery Excellence Consultant operating in the software industry for some 20 years. He specializes in partnering with software delivery organizations and helping them realize success by building hyper-productive development teams using advanced lean and agile software development processes, practices and productivity tools. He spent the last 11 years at Microsoft as a Principal Consultant to enterprise customers in all industries and geographies, and prior to that as a leading software developer in several startup companies.

His personal goal is to enable customers to deliver software solutions more predictably and consistently at drastically reduced costs, using techniques that harness, encapsulate and reuse the institutionalized knowledge and experiences of those in the organization – scaling the organization’s expertise and efficiency to reach new markets.

His passion is to help drive the software engineering industry forward from a cottage design industry into evolving, embracing and implementing automation, standardization and reuse more effectively and economically.

His career has led him around the globe to several unique opportunities in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and the Americas. He has been immersed in product development in a multitude of trusted architecture and development leadership roles across many industries and for various types of companies including: research & development, independent software vendors and global solution integrators. Until recently, he had been at Microsoft more than 11 years in a Principal Consulting and Architect role leading and managing teams of elite consultants and subject matter experts, assuring excellence in delivery of software solutions to the business.

He is an industry leader in software productivity tools, and building lean and agile development teams and centres of software development excellence. He also leads an open source community for maintaining an evolutionary software development productivity toolset. You can find him speaking at various public technical events, and he is the author of several industry whitepapers and technical articles.

Jezz has worked very closely with the Microsoft Visual Studio teams and Microsoft patterns & practices team to help realize the concrete vision of software industrialization, developer guidance, and pattern automation at Microsoft. He is a leader in many Microsoft software factory building initiatives and communities providing guidance and tooling innovations pushing automation and guidance forward. He is a sought after for leading enterprises in building lean and agile development teams, and centers of development excellence. You can find him speaking at various public technical events, and he is the author of several whitepapers and technical articles.

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About This Blog

This blog was originally established (end of 2005) as a means to convey experiences in helping enterprise customers (and other consultants) with software development from the perspective of a field consultant faced with dealing, and  caring deeply about many of the issues and pain faced by our customers with enterprise software development.

The blog has always had a strong sense of duty to expose the truth about the ‘strangeness’ of software development today, cutting through the emotions and delving into the underlying root causes, and reasons for most of what we see as the outcome of the strange behaviours exhibited by professionals in this field. [Tag: Software Development Truths] Then intent has always been to share and promote open discussions about these observations, in a quest to address, understand and raise awareness of these issues.

The blog, for a time, became the public channel for discussing and promoting the EFx Factory [Tag: EFx Software Factory], a pioneering software factory prototype that had evolved from much of the work in this space to concretely address some of these problems in the specific domain of enterprise application and service development.

“Software and Factories, and making sense of it for you”

The blog was then re-purposed to focus upon giving down-to-earth guidance about automated development, in an attempt to educate and promote the adoption of this emerging approach. [Tag: Software Factories]

Nowadays, the blog aims to promote automation approaches and tools, specifically development and deployment wi the [Tag: NuPattern] toolset.

"From Software Factories to Software Automation"