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    Next steps with EFx

    A little about the history... At present EFx ( Enterprise Framework ) is in a state of transition from the Everett world (.NET Framework 1.1) to (.NET Framework 2.0). Although quite a separate issue from the base framework, EFx is also migrating to...
  • Jezz Santos

    What is Enterprise Framework?

    Here is the definition according to the Microsoft internal Glossary Service we have: A Microsoft collection of tools, including code and templates, used to develop enterprise line of business applications and services. Enterprise Framework was build...
  • Jezz Santos

    Intrusion - This required an adjustment!

    I figured I needed to explain my intrusion on the web via blogs. Most people have done this, and now I am no exception. For several years now I have looked sideways on my colleagues who have blogged. I vowed at one point I would never blog. This is...
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October, 2005