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    File | New | 'Blank Problem’

    Unfortunately today, too many solution architects/developers exhibit a common behaviour in the early solution design phases of creating a solution to a proposed business problem - out of frustration. They are not empowered to describe, with the tools...
  • Jezz Santos

    The 'Visual Studio Stare'

    If you were following the previous post on File | New | 'Blank Problem' you will see we are a fair way from a development environment that provides us a starting point for defining the requirements for a solution, let alone a single environment for defining...
  • Jezz Santos

    The Vicious Software Development Cycle (Part II)

    So, I am picking you are here because you are looking for an answer to the previous posting on why software development projects are continuing to fail to deliver. 'The Vicious Software Development Cycle' . I should apologise that the previous posting...
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February, 2006