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From Software Factories to Software Automation
  • Jezz Santos

    FPM - Case Study Part 2

    Edward and myself have made some major headway on exploring and validating some experimental tooling for the authoring factories with the 'Factory Product Model ' using the p&p Service Factory as a test case. This work is based upon learnings harvested...
  • Jezz Santos

    Factory ABC's

    Recognising the fact that: many already in the software factory space, many newcomers to the factory space, or just those trying to understand what the hell this software factory jargon is all about - we'd like to offer a simple glossary of common terms...
  • Jezz Santos

    The 'Meta-Model' and its relationship to the 'Factory Schema'

    In the previous article, I talked about the power of the factory meta-model, and why you should have one in your factory. In this article, I want to describe how the meta-model is related to the factory schema, and how that can benefit both the factory...
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August, 2006