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    DSL Editor PowerToy - Just Released

    You might be happy to know we have just released the first version of the ‘ DSL Editor PowerToy’ on our codeplex project! This initial release is slated as: “A means to add a DSL specific tool-window, containing a simple editor, to an existing...
  • Jezz Santos

    Building Software Factories - Factories 201

    Factories 201 Series - Building Software Factories What are they (concretely)? (Edward) When would you build one? (Jezz) What do I tell my Manager? (Edward) How long will it take? (Jezz) What would you build? (Jezz) With what would...
  • Jezz Santos

    DSL User Experience PowerToy!

    If you are building DSL languages today, you may have experienced at least one of the following issues when figuring out how to represent your languages' domain model on a diagram surface: Representing most of the domain classes as shapes makes...
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March, 2007