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  • Jezz Santos

    Virtual TechEd Fish Bowl

    Whilst at TechEd US in Orlando, we set up a little fun with Martin Danner in a 'Virtual TechEd' interview. The videos for these interviews have now been released, you can catch our one here called: 'Build Your own Software Factory' Thanks to Martin for...
  • Jezz Santos

    TechEd Japan

    If you are in Japan on 21st-24th August this year, drop by TechEd in Yokohama to see us ( Edward and myself) present our session 'Build Your Own Software Factory'. This will be a repeat of the same titled session we delivered in Orlando in July.
  • Jezz Santos

    Authoring XML using DSL's

    Recently, a good colleague of mine (you know who you are Tim), asked me what steps he should take to build an XML authoring solution based upon existing XSD schemas they already have in their company. The objective was to create XML file instances (of...
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July, 2007