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    Microsoft contributes Feature Builder to NuPattern

    Today, Microsoft contributed the ‘Feature Extension Runtime’ components (the engine) of the ‘ Feature Builder Power Tool ’ to the NuPattern project! This is fantastic news, and the NuPattern community is very grateful to all those at Microsoft who have...
  • Jezz Santos

    NuPattern Released!

    It is with great pride and some trepidation that I would like to announce the release of the first version of NuPattern (v. Go get it here I say first version version, because prior to this moment in time the product was called VSPAT, for which...
  • Jezz Santos

    Why is NuPattern relevant to you?

    Perhaps you blog software technology solutions, or write technical articles or presentations for your organization that are intended to document for others what you have learned about implementing the solutions that you have built. Perhaps you hope that...
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April, 2013