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    Handling DragDrop in 5 min

    Lets do a really simple sample, drag the text from a link label into a text box. Once you understand this sample, you should pretty much be able to rock and roll on any drag/drop. We're going to mouse down on the label and drag it over the text box...
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    More than you want to know about Mouse Input

    Someone recently asked for an end-to-end article on mouse handling, just like the keyboard handling article. Fortunately, mouse handling is not as complicated as keyboard handling, but there are a few topics we should probably chat about. The Whidbey...
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    Why don’t my fonts get bigger when I go Large Font?

    It all stems back to a rather unfortunate implementation of Control.DefaultFont. Raymond talked a bit about DEFAULT_GUI_FONT the other day, and mentioned that no one is using it anymore. Unfortunately, this is the default font for controls. DEFAULT_GUI_FONT...
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    How do I get my control/form to open up in code view by default?

    Everyone knows the IDE solution: make the code editor the default editor by right clicking on the file in solution explorer, selecting "Open With", pick your favorite editor, then choose "Set As Default". Unfortunately this applies to all files, which...
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