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July, 2006

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About JFo

Jessica (aka JFo) has 9 years experience building user interface libraries at Microsoft.   As a developer on the Windows Forms team, Jessica designed and implemented various aspects of the Windows Forms runtime for the 1.1 and 2.0 releases of the .Net Framework.  Her current project is the "Cider" designer for the "Dev10" release of Visual Studio.

About the blog

This blog is designed to talk about two different subjects: Windows Forms and the "Cider" designer for the Windows Presentation Foundation.  For a list of articles on Windows Forms, be sure to check the "Best and worst of JFos Coding by Category."

Providing WPF feedback

There are multiple ways customers can provide feedback and suggestions for Windows Presentation Foundation:

Providing Cider Feedback

Cider is in its early stages of development.  We encourage customers to send us feedback through  

Providing Windows Forms Feedback

There are several ways to provide feedback to the Windows Forms team


  • jfo's coding

    TIP: Try right clicking on the filetabs in VS 2005

    "Open containing folder" and "Copy full path" are menu items I use daily. Image from a guided tour of Visual Studio 2005 .
  • jfo's coding

    Rule of thumb for System.Drawing

    A friend of mine ran into this the other day. If you call a method to get a handle some sort of System.Drawing object, you may be creating an object that needs to be cleaned up through P/Invoke or some other function call. Bitmap.GetHIcon - requires...
  • jfo's coding

    Tim resurfaces with another control

    I enjoy talking to Tim Dawson quite a bit; we both know that making the decision to build your own menu is not one to be taken lightly. He's been busy lately .
  • jfo's coding

    How can I figure out how much goo my object is holding onto?

    Previously, we figured out a way to eek out class size information from strike. This is kind of interesting, but you also might want a way to know the size of everything your object instance is holding onto. There is another strike command called "ObjSize...
  • jfo's coding

    How can I figure out how large my class is?

    Phil asks: "Your last post mentions using Marshal.SizeOf to get the byte size of a type that can be marshalled. I would like to know the amount of space taken up by an object that cannot be marshalled. For example a custom control, so I can then...
  • jfo's coding

    Are you familiar with [ThreadStatic]?

    If you're stuffing anything in thread local storage, you might be interested in the performance comparison between Thread.SetData and [ThreadStatic] . ThreadStatic is super-cool, if you have a static variable, you can make it static "per-thread" by...
  • jfo's coding

    Steve's all excited about SQL Everywhere

    Steve stopped by earlier in the week to tell me about his latest projects. He's really enthusiastic about SQL Everywhere, especially how lightweight it is to install. There's even support for adding it to your click-once application setup (that part had...
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