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  • Blog Post: Beta2 is out -- What's new in Cider

    Mark shows off some of the new and exciting features in Cider Beta 2 , including: DataSources window now works in Silverlight (as well as WPF) - you can now drag and drop from this window to your design surface to automatically hook up to data. Property Inspector window gets a facelift -- now...
  • Blog Post: Some of these pages are no longer intentionally left blank.

    One thing we neglected to mention in the release notes is that you can now load up roots other than Window and Grid in the August CTP. The list I believe is anything deriving from Panel, Page, UserControl and ContentControl. So if you have the latest installed - try replacing your window1.xaml with...
  • Blog Post: Scott starts blogging, and lets us know about Winforms/WPF gotchas

    If you're doing Winforms and WPF you might just want to check it out .
  • Blog Post: Upgrading to June CTP? Your layout might be different.

    There's a breaking change to the WPF control templates, which you might need to know about . The controls I've noticed that need a double check are: Button ComboBox ListBox TextBox PasswordBox Slider Thumb ToolBar TreeView ProgressBar TabControl GridSplitter
  • Blog Post: What is Rich Data Visualization Anyways?

    One of the things you hear over and over again with WPF is the ability to do Rich Data Visualization. It has always made me cringe, as it always seems like to fit into that category you need a 3D rotating panda, or some sort of alien chart form that would make Edward Tufte cringe. The other day...
  • Blog Post: Brian discusses the evolution of user input and feedback in the designer

    Brian walks through the history of the implementation of grab handles and snaplines in the designer , and how through the magic of the new architecture in Cider for the first time grab handles, snaplines and other "adorners" will have proper access to keyboard input as well as mouse. Also, don't miss...
  • Blog Post: Mike shows us how to localize a hybrid application

    Mike Henderlight has walked through a sample on how to localize a WPF/WindowsForms hybrid application. More information for XAML in particular: Localization requirements for your XAML resources Globalization for the Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Blog Post: What's the difference between the "EmbeddedResource", "Page" and "Resource" Build Actions?

    Jim has posted the results of his recent inquiry on this subject as well as some other goodness about WPF resources.
  • Blog Post: Commanding in WPF

    There's a nice article out on commanding in WPF.
  • Blog Post: Feb CTP is out

    Feb CTP is out . Rather than have a separate install, Cider is now integrated into the Visual Studio "Orcas" Development Tools for WinFX. (Note the designer requires a full version of Visual Studio 2005.) Tim and Karsten have posted a list of "breaking changes" between Jan and Feb CTPs (most notable...
  • Blog Post: Some "Avalon" goodness...

    I thought I'd put up a few good reads: Mapping PIs are going away in the next CTP. Rob promises to post a tool to help convert your apps . (In the next CTP, the RichTextBox stuff will start working.) Rob talks about Attached Properties and Markup Extensions XAML. Charles Petzold talks about...
  • Blog Post: Kevin & Robby show "The Power of Templates"

    There's a nice new MSDN TV episode talking about Data Templates and Control Templates .
  • Blog Post: Tell us what you think about the Grid!

    As you may know the Jan CTP is out , with improvements to the Cider Grid design time experience. We want to know what you think .
  • Blog Post: More on "Avalon" RichTextBox

    As promised , I learned more so I'm sharing. Last time I figured out how to stuff plain text into the RichTextBox, but that's not very "rich", is it? How do I put RTF (rich text format) into a RichTextBox? It turns out the support for this seems to be through the TextRange class. TextRange offers...
  • Blog Post: Some tricks for working with WPF’s RichTextBox

    I’ve been playing around with the RichTextBox, and as Richard points out, the free spell checking on WPF TextBoxes is really cool – especially for the “spelling challenged” such as myself. The programming model for the WPF RichTextBox is quite a bit richer than the Windows Forms wrapper around...
  • Blog Post: Jim and Windows Media Visualizers in WPF

    Jim Galasyn never ceases to amaze me with what he's up to. It seems this week it's writing visualizers for windows media in WPF .
  • Blog Post: Richard is blogging

    Richard Bailey , fellow Cider dev, is blogging... ...and starts off by letting us all know how to put a mnemonic on a label in WPF. Instead of "&mnemonic" its "_mnemonic" (ampersands don't work so well in XML), and instead of using TabIndex, the Label control has a Target property which specifies...
  • Blog Post: December happenings

    We have a new PM on our team - Jim Nakashima - he’s got lots of interesting things to say: his older blog was here , and his new blog is here . The Cider team has published its very first CTP – congrats to Brian , Chuck , Chad , Jim , Subhag et al. For an intro on the Cider designer - check out MSDN...
  • Blog Post: Interested in Windows Forms + WPF (Avalon) interop?

    Mike Henderlight seems to have started his very own blog just to cover the subject.
  • Blog Post: Hmm, I wonder what Brian is showing off at the PDC?

    Brian is blogging again - yeah! And it's all about the PDC. I'm wondering what he's going to show off ?
  • Blog Post: Chuck starts blogging...

    I've been following Chuck's blog, but I just feel it's not fair to keep it all to myself... [ one | two | three ]
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