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February, 2012

  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview is live

    Download: Windows 8 Consumer Preview At the start of 2012, I moved from the Server business unit to Windows & Windows Live, to help out with Windows 8. When I showed off the Windows 8 Consumer Preview bits on my sleek new Samsung XE700T1A to an old...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Kinect-Emotiv mashup prototype

    Longtime readers of the Learning Curve know about my fascination with brainwaves, aka, neurodata ( Again with the brainwaves ). Then along came Kinect, which provided a pleasant distraction. But how to get the best of both worlds? With the release of...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Kinect for Windows SDK v1.0 is posted

    Download here . In the three months since Beta 2, there have been many improvements to the SDK and runtime, including: Support for up to four Kinect sensors plugged into the same computer; Significantly improved skeletal tracking, including the ability...
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