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  • Blog Post: Modern programming: A tale of four frameworks

    After starting my new job in Core OS, it became clear that I would need to brush up on my old COM-programming skills, which I haven’t used in about, oh, eight years. It’s been all .NET Framework since I hired on as a full-time employee at MSFT. A good place to get acquainted with the COM world is the...
  • Blog Post: COM Technical Overview topic is live

    As one of my first undertakings in my new group, I wrote a little introductory overview of classic COM, which is now live: COM Technical Overview . Before this, we didn’t have a central topic that brings a bunch of fundamental ideas together, so now we have a handy place to link to. Concepts covered...
  • Blog Post: COM Is Love

    New job! I’ve hopped over from the excellent Developer Division User Education org to the cool Windows Server Information Experience group, ‘way on the other side of the Server & Tools business unit , where I’ll be providing sample code and docs for some of the intriguing new Microsoft features....
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