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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone platform updates announced at MIX ‘11

    Great new stuff coming in Mango. Here’s what you’ll see demonstrated at MIX ‘11 : Multitasking: The fast app switching (FAS) and Windows Phone background agent features provide a rich multi-tasking experience for apps. IE9 for Windows Phone: Additional details of the HTML5 story within the context of...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch

    Loyal readers know that I’m enthusiastic about the Windows Phone developer story, so here are some events to help you get started with Phone 7. You can register here: www.msdnevents.com/wp7 . The official word: Windows Phone 7 offers a new world of opportunity for passionate, creative developers. Get...
  • Blog Post: RIP MDX 2.0

    I have a side project in which I implement a model of load-propagation through a structure. Then I use a genetic algorithm to find structures which are stable and which satisfy other criteria. It's too involved to discuss here, but here's a screen shot from an early version. Early version of...
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