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Virtualized WPF Canvas

Virtualized WPF Canvas

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As you may already know WPF has a built-in virtualizing panel called VirtualizingStackPanel that supports UI virtualization and lays out its elements like StackPanel.

The WPF ListBox & ListView controls use this panel by default. Other containers controls such as Canvas do not have virtualization support in .Net 3.0 & 3.5.

Chris Lovett from Microsoft now wrote a great sample that shows how you can also virtualize a Canvas container control so it can efficiently host and scroll thousands of WPF elements without consuming huge amount of memory.  

The provided down-loadable ZIP has a white paper and the code.

Hope you find this useful.


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  • WPF nous fournit par défaut un 'VirtualizingStackPanel' qui nous permet de virtualiser les éléments graphiques

  • We sometimes hear concerns that WPF applications memory foot print is too large. This could be because

  • Возможности WPF по виртуализации визуального дерева вашего интерфейса.

  • It's great control. But when it shows grid with many items, scrolling is very slow. How can it be improved?  

    Sorry for my English.

  • This works GREAT!!! But was wondering how I would go about adding items to it when it is used to override a Listbox's Style like this:

    <Style TargetType="{x:Type ListBox}">

       <Setter Property="ItemsPanel">



                      <VirtualCanvas Background="Transparent"/>





  • What is the license on this code?

  • Hi dpruitt , you are welcome to use the provided code in your application. Be aware though that it was not thoroughly tested.  


  • Its a great control. Do you have a same in Silverlight? else How to convert it into "Silverlight"?

  • Its great one. Can you please tell me how to do zooming the panning in this control?, or is there any other control to do this?

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