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September, 2009

  • WPF Performance and .NET Framework Client Profile

    Memory Leaks in WPF based applications – Blog Update 2


    We discovered few other potential memory leaks that WPF based application can encounter so I wanted to update my original Finding Memory Leaks in WPF-based applications blog and the sample in that blog with more info on these potential leaks.

    As you may remember, I already updated my original blog once (see here), so this is the second update.

    Please review the blog updates and use the suggested workarounds to avoid memory leaks in your WPF application. 
    The new leaks that got updated are items 8-11:

    8.  CMilChannel leaks if initial HWND destroyed on XP
    9.  ShutdownListener leaked for each thread using Binding
    10. Create and Destroy WriteableBitmap on XP in HW
    11. SW Viewport 3D w/ VisualBrush, WB, etc. leaks on XP

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