WPF Performance and .NET Framework Client Profile

WPF performance and .NET Framework Client Profile related blogs provided by Jossef Goldberg.

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  • Blog Post: WPF Visualizer in Visual Studio 2010

    Not sure if folks are aware, but Visual Studio 2010 now includes WPF Visualizer. This can really help you during debugging. It basically allows you to explore and visualize the Visual Tree and properties of a WPF object during a debug sessions. Similar to what Mole was doing, but this is now built-in...
  • Blog Post: What’s new in .NET Framework 4 Client Profile RTM

    In .NET Framework 4 we have introduced a streamlined subset and more compact version of the .NET Framework called the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (aka NET4 Client Profile). The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 which is the Full Framework (aka NET4 Full) still exists and it is a superset of the...
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