This morning we announced the release of the ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ Technology Preview this morning at PDC05.

ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ has a large number of features. There is a suite of server controls that are familiar to our ASP.NET developers and provide Visual Studio integration. There are a suite of client script controls that run in any modern browser that support DHTML and JavaScript. The Server Controls render down to the client script controls. You can program against either the script controls or the server controls (and get that great Visual Integration and use the great ASP.NET 2.0 programming model). 

Some highlights: a light weight easy to use web services programming model (AJAX like) for communicating back to Web Services (asmx) and Windows Communication Framework “Indigo”, support for ASP.NET Application Services including Profile and Membership (look for the AuthenticationService). There are datasources that run in the browser and use web services to connect back to the web serrer, great controls such as listview, itemview and numerous cool items such as hover, popup autocomplete, drag and drop, … there is even a Map control that we have partnered with the great Virtual Earth team on. There is Visual Studio 2005 project level integration (through VSIs) Documentation and Hands on Labs  and Quickstart Tutorials..

These are early bits, please send your feedback.