Collection of SysInternal Tools

Collection of SysInternal Tools

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The team has just released a new subdomain that has neat and clean list of all SysInternal Tools, ready for you!!

Take a look,

Stay tuned.. Wave

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  • Am I supposed to be seeing a dir-dump (filename, size, date), or is that the list?

  • Yes, you will see Directory Dump! (The simplest presentation layer!!).. Just click on any tool executable and run it!!

    Previous process was you download zip file, extract it (mostly an EXE, CHM [which is never opened] and readme/EULA [which is never read])..

  • A description field would be helpful. I'm familiar enough with some of the Sysinternals tools to decode what they are from the .exe name, but I'm not adventurous enough to run them all to what is out there.

  • Well, you are right.. For users new to tools its somewhat difficult to use this site.. but I think they targated the users who have been been well versed with these tools.. (I have seen many users calling Process Monitor "procmon" and Process Explorer as "procexp".. So, for them, its a bit quick..!

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