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  • Blog Post: COM Interop Sample : Using C# DLL from C++ application

    I have found many people who are beginning to learn COM Interop, looking for a sample application that explains how to use C# DLL from C++ application. Here is one sample that I developed (SLN file is in VS2008 format!) Stay tuned..
  • Blog Post: How to register .NET Assembly for COM Interop ?

    Do you want to use your .NET DLL (assembly) from VB6 or C++ application (native code) ? Yes, you can do that using COM Interop. As per COM rules, you need to get your assembly registered on system (in Registry, yes, thats how COM works!). To get an assembly registered on system, you can use regasm utility...
  • Blog Post: COM-.NET Interop development? Take care of this thing.

    I was trying my hands at creating a .NET 2.0 component that can be consumed by a COM application. One of the errors I got in the process of registering the .NET assembly was RegAsm : warning RA0000 : No types were registered. This was baffling!! I had done everything right and spent quite some time figuring...
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