Hello everyone, I haven't yet had a chance to read the Microsoft Guidelines for Bloggers yet (which I've heard are quite liberal), so I haven't posted anything.  However I feel that the obligatory 'About Me' post should be fine.

My name is Jim Wallace, and I'm a new college hire here at Microsoft.  I started in January of 2007 after completing an internship in the summer of 2006 and being given an offer for full time after that.  I attended Syracuse University, where I earned a degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on Software. Currently I'm a Developer working on Performance in the Connected Systems Division, which is part of Server & Tools.  I'm also semi-actively involved in college recruiting so this blog is going to take on two topics.  1) Performance, and how to measure and write performant code. 2) What is it like to work at Microsoft and live in Seattle.

Once I've read the blogging guidelines, I look forward to writing many posts. =)