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CRM Sandbox Prototype on codeplex

CRM Sandbox Prototype on codeplex

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The CodePlex CRM Sandbox is a new place to find customer provided CRM code solutions. It has been a project of mine to move the existing CRM Sandbox code samples from the GotDotNet world to CodePlex. And with over 40 code samples, this was no easy task.

I think I've found a very useable solution that makes it both intuitive to use and easy to access the solutions. I have some CRM MVPs looking at the site right now for confirmation. Feel free to poke around and give us feedback. I'd love to hear your comments.

  • Jim,

    I see the new forums for Microsoft CRM (

    When should we use these forums versus the CRM newsgroups available from the Microsoft Dynamics site?

    Mike Cross


  • Thanks for the great question Mike. As a friend recently said to me, "The battle between using the newsgroups and the forums has become like a holy war!" Perhaps there are no perfect answers in this space.

    I certainly don't have a perfect answer. But we will be looking at participation levels on both venues for most of the fiscal year 08 (Jul 07 - Jun 08). Which interface to you prefer? You vote by using the comunication method you like the best. :o)

  • I had registered in Codeplex and somehow now the link doesnt seem to work anymore. Has the CRM project been taken out of codeplex?

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