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Wall•E Anticipation and the über Lego Guy

Wall•E Anticipation and the über Lego Guy

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Does anyone not know who Wall•E is? I've been listening to the Wall•E soundtrack and thinking can a Broadway show be far off?

WalleAndrew, One of the CRM Lead Writers is a LEGO enthusiast with some serious creds. Today's Friday fun post covers his Wall•E interview with Pixar animator and LEGO fan Angus MacLane at BrickFest 2007.

Suzy and I are planning to go to the Wall•E movie, but this weekend is really busy with prep work for the WPC event in Houston fast arriving and two band gigs. And then there is a way cool BBQ with the temperatures in moderate Seattle expected to top 90.

So if you can't wait for the movie the official site is at and from this quick picture excerpt you can see there are some activities to tide you over. My grandson is already all over this stuff.  :o)


What, where you not just reading? I'm listening to the Wall•E soundtrack.  :o)

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