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It takes people to make the music of life activities skyrocket as Job Hunters grow activities skyrocket as Job Hunters grow

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This from the SuperGroup Founders group on

LinkedIn Skyrockets as Job Losses Mount ( - NEW YORK ( -- There are two places most of today's laid-off executives are heading: to job-search sites to see what other opportunities are out there and to networking sites in hopes they can reconnect with -- and milk leads from -- former colleagues and business contacts. One site, LinkedIn, offers both of those things in one place.

This was disconcerting however:

The question is, however, whether LinkedIn -- a site closely tied not only to job seekers but also employers -- can thrive when unemployment is expected to reach 9% and few are hiring. After all, what's a bunch of online supply if there's not sufficient demand for it?

When will we hit the bottom? And how many friends are you trying to help this week?

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