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Top Ten CRM Blogs of the Week

Top Ten CRM Blogs of the Week

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There are so many CRM blogs to choose from that I thought I might introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers and their most recent posts. Enjoy!

Richard Knudson’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trick Bag: Building Business Processes in Dynamics CRM 2011: Installment 10

Custom Dialog Process to Resolve Cases Previously, I characterized three broad scenarios for which dialog processes can be particularly useful: Creating records Converting records Closing records Earlier we saw an example of using a dialog process to...

PowerObjects Blog: Automatic Lead Assignment Based on Zip Code in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, automatic Lead assignment based on Zip Code can be accomplished in many ways, but the two most common ways are with workflow and with custom plugins. For those with simple zip code to sales person…

Sonoma Partners Blog: Is your Microsoft CRM Ribbon missing in Outlook?

We've been doing a lot of work with the ribbon in Microsoft CRM 2011. It's much more flexible than the old ISV.config setup from Microsoft CRM 4.0, but that flexibility comes at the cost of complexity. If you've worked with the ribbon at all, you know what I'm talking about!

CRM Software Blog: Get Motivated with Goal Management

In every job I’ve ever had there have been goals to achieve. Depending on the organization there is a lot of time, thought, and energy that goes into defining them and rolling them up to the various levels of management. Even in my personal life, I’ve...

Hosk's Dynamic CRM 2011 Blog: CRM 2011 – Successful CRM Installations start with Prerequisites

I have done a few CRM 2011 installations and although the first part of the installation actually starts with making sure the servers are 64 bit and have enough power, the next stage is begging the IT person to give you domain administration privileges...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Tips, Tricks & Add-ons: Add a button to create a new related record

To create a new record for a related entity we need to move to that related entity view in the Main form and then use the add button there to actually open a new form for the related entity. At times this...

Jamie Miley - Life and Technology:  Install Sample Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using .NET or Jscript With InstallSampleDataRequest

This illustration shows how to install the sample data that comes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with InstallSampleDataRequest. This example will be given in Jscript (SOAP) and in C# (.NET). Ok, here is what the code looks like! First in C#: InstallSampleDataRequest...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog: CRM Online Deployed – Not Until the Checklist is Completed

Todays guest blogger, Dynamics CRM Forum administrator, and CRM MVP Donna Edwards shares a tip that could save you a lot of time and contribute to the success of your CRM Online implementation. Donna is a Senior Consultant at Tribridge . So you think...

The Never Boring Life of Me: Extreme CRM 2011 Conference

This one is new for me. This is not the first time for this particular event, just my first time. I know enough of the folks behind the scenes and enough of the speakers that if THEY will put their reputation on this conference, then I will...

Workopia Microsoft CRM & CRM Online Blog: Initial CRM 2011 Outlook Client Settings

Here are some good initial Microsoft CRM 2011 Outlook Client settings that I’d suggest. Note: Your organization’s initial Microsoft CRM settings may be different – always check with your CRM administrator for guidance: Check only “ Outlook Synchronization...

  • Great resources! Thanks for compiling!

  • Thanks for the props!  I thought that earlier posts this week were better than yesterdays, but I am glad you really liked this one.

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