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Tired of the ol’ "Lorem ipsum"?

Tired of the ol’ "Lorem ipsum"?

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Aren’t we all? But now you too can generate Hipster Ipsum like this:

imageYr salvia seitan, vice high life four loko mixtape sustainable fanny pack DIY put a bird on it portland chambray. Williamsburg seitan 8-bit, beard lo-fi irony vinyl PBR thundercats bicycle rights mcsweeney's fap tofu keytar portland. Irony aesthetic whatever terry richardson fap before they sold out, organic american apparel marfa PBR twee 8-bit. Artisan cliche tumblr portland, cred chambray messenger bag blog jean shorts craft beer fanny pack vice quinoa gentrify helvetica. Tumblr vice organic, twee gluten-free quinoa food truck dreamcatcher cliche. Master cleanse PBR craft beer chambray. Mustache vegan, butcher lo-fi banh mi chambray vinyl carles letterpress you probably haven't heard of them scenester leggings.

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Photo credit: Helga Weber


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