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A CRM Riff
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Fav CRM Blog Posts this week

Fav CRM Blog Posts this week

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Just thought I’d share some valuable and interesting posts I’ve read in the last few daze:

PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM: Mass Editing Dynamics CRM 2011 Records using Microsoft Excel

Business Situation I need to mass edit Dynamics CRM 2011 records and I need to make changes to more than 250 records at a time. How do I accomplish this without using the Edit button in Dynamics CRM 2011 which limits me to up to 250 records at a time...

Leon's CRM Musings: Why The Customer Is Not Always Right

One risk when doing a CRM project is giving the client EVERYTHING they ask for. This might be a strange thing to say. After all, isn’t the client always right? The answer is an emphatic “no!” The reason I say this is, often in CRM projects, the client...

Mitch Milam's Microsoft Discussions: CRM Migration Assistant 1.3 Released

Version 1.3 of our JavaScript conversion tool, CRM Migration Assistant has been released. More information is available here . Release Notes This month's release focused mainly on enhancements to the conversion process. Bug Fixes Corrected an issue...

Marcello Tonarelli's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog: Microsoft Lync videos/podcasts/PPTs from teched Berlin 2010

Check out the Lync videos from Microsoft teched Europe 2010. Also available as podcasts and PPT slides. Enjoy! Microsoft Lync 2010 technology explained Advanced SIP-Based solutions built on the Microsoft Unified Communications … The new Microsoft Lync...

Jamie Miley - Life and Technology: Search for KB Articles with Matching Keywords in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using .NET or Jscript

This illustration shows how to search for matching text in the body of a Knowledge Base (KB) article in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with SearchByKeyworksKbArticleRequest. This example will be given in Jscript (SOAP) and in C# (.NET). Ok, here is what...

CRM Software Blog: What’s Your Sign? How to Find a CRM Solution and Provider That are Compatible With You.

When I pull up the internet, my homepage has a link to my daily horoscope. I look to the left and then the right to be sure my dogs aren’t watching me and quickly click to what it says. After all, today just might be my lucky day and I don’t even know...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog: Displaying a Contact’s Facebook Picture in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Photos remind you of your customers better than their names. Wouldn’t it be great to see the photos of your customer when you open the contact form? This blog will show you how to display profile picture using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (online and on...

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