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Goodbye Microsoft, Hello World

Goodbye Microsoft, Hello World

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After 20 years in the military and now 20 years at Microsoft, I am considering how to spend the next 20 years. It's been fun, exciting, and a growing experience here at Microsoft. My last day is Friday 7 October 2011. The company, people, and product groups have treated me very well. Ciao.

  • Congratulations. Enjoy life on the outside. There's a lot of exciting things happening in the world. Buy an IPAD, get a GMail account, and take a new look at Linux.

  • Good luck on the next chapter! I've enjoyed the blog.

    p.s. @Allen That was really lame.

  • 20 years, that's a long time, I haven't even reached my first 20 years :).

    Have a great next 20 years and I'm sure you'll find something challenging and new to do!

  • WOW ! It has been incredible working with you over the last few years within the Dynamics CRM Community. Stay in Touch!!

    Anne ~aka the CRMLady

  • I now fear I won't get to meet you at Convergence 2012 :(  Have fun with the next chapter?  Best of luck to you!

  • Imagine there are just a samll group of six CRM MVPs at the summit in Redmond. Product groups are pretty busy and yet someone appreciates that these folks have come from far away to be there.

    Jim Glass gets things going and promotes the group.  In five years, there are over 50 CRM MVPs.  Dealing with a technology that is extremly complex and interacts with all the major offerings of the Microsoft Stack.


    Jim, what ever you do after this, remember.  You climbed "Everest".

  • @Brent There's a lot of exciting things going on. Leaving Microsoft offers many new opportunities like this guy who recently left Microsoft too -

  • You're an amazing individual and I know that whoever has the good fortune to cross your path and linger for a while will come away a better person from the experience.  Your generosity, guidance, wisdom, support, encouragement and contributions will be felt for years to come.  You've made a difference in the lives of many, me included.  Thank you for all you've given.  Enjoy, Enjoy and please keep in touch!

  • All the best and thanks for everything!

  • Hey JaaG, we will miss you a lot. you are always supportive to us and your contribution to CRM community is extra ordinary. Hats Off my friend!!!

  • Good luck in what ever you do, thank you for all you've contributed to the communinity.

  • All the best Jim, enjoy the years to come, it was fun working with you!

  • You are a real CRM Community Guru, we all admire your efforts, skills and passion for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Your efforts and contributions for CRM community made MSDN CRM Forum a world class CRM knowledgebase.

    As a CRM Community member, i always found you very helpful and responsible. Although it is big loss for the CRM community but i wish you a very good luck for your next 20 years journey :)

  • Congratulations. Take an ipad but dont forget CRM and the CRM Community.

  • Give me your place for the next 20 years   !! ;)

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