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  • Blog Post: Earning College Credit with a Microsoft Certification

    Tony reminds us that both students and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) are eligible to earn college credit with a Microsoft Certification. In short, approved certifications can be applied for up to six semester hours of college credit in either a bachelor degree or associate degree in computer...
  • Blog Post: FAQ: Microsoft Certification Exam Development

    “At Microsoft, we strive to ensure that our certifications are relevant, respected, and highly valued within the IT community and that they objectively prove the expertise of technology practitioners. Earning a Microsoft Certification helps demonstrate an individual's comprehension of the latest IT developments...
  • Blog Post: Twiends: How to Twitter presents this fun Infographic: How to Twitter . They answer beginner questions such as how to set up your Twitter account, how to start tweeting, and how to use hashtags and lists.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Training Catalog

    I was researching an answer for an oft-asked question, “Where can I get Microsoft Dynamics CRM training?” How many of my peeps use the Microsoft Training Catalog ? I’d luv to hear about your experiences with this resource.
  • Blog Post: YouTubeage of the Week: Microsoft GFS Datacenter Tour

    Global Foundation Services (GFS) is the department that is responsible for Microsoft’s CDN technology. Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Azure can be used use to distribute your Windows Azure Blobs to over 18 markets, including Australia.                         ...
  • Blog Post: Social Media Explorer ~ Strategy In Four Steps

    Mike Lewis, Vice President of Marking a Sales at Awareness, Inc pens Social Media Strategy in Four Steps for your consideration. My fav part is the measuring of ROI which can be a hard nut to crack. Once you’ve set the goals for your social channels and established your key audiences and the platforms...
  • Blog Post: GIZMODO: This is what Pi Sounds Like

    Happy Pi day folks! Math teachers, students and scientists are celebrating Pi Day today. Some of us are life-long students who love the mystery of numbers. Pi is a Greek letter and the symbol used for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is a number with no end that starts with...
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates on the Daily Show

    I caught this Monday showing finally last night. I record them but you can see it online at . It would appear retirement doesn’t mean the same thing to Bill as it does to most people. He’s only 54 and apparently kickin’ butt in...
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