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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center

    How long has it been since you checked out this Web site. The Resource Center can be your one-stop shopping center for free documentation, search resources, and help. Don’t forget the Feedback link at the bottom right of the page for any ideas or suggestions that might make this resource more valuable...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resources for the rest of us ~ Redux

    Wish I’d written this. Thanks Leon! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resources for the rest of us There is a lot of information out there for Microsoft Dynamics CRM but it is sometimes hard to find good information aimed at users or non-technical administrators. I wrote an article of resources a little...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft offers to just 'Fix it'

    This really sounds good to me as I’m usually the one my family and friends call to fix various problems they have as they navigate the world of too many apps and new hardware to add to their computers. Over the past six weeks, Microsoft has quietly added a "Fix it" button to a few of the thousands...
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