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  • Blog Post: CRM Quote du Jour

    "On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%." - Harvard Business Review
  • Blog Post: My Customers Don’t Use Twitter, Why Should I? @Pistachio Explains

    From Hubspot on 17 August: Last week, Laura " @Pistachio " Fitton presented a fantastic webinar for Inbound Marketing University about the business benefits of Twitter . (Laura is a famous Twitter Queen, founder of the first Twitter for Business consultancy , co-author of Twitter for Dummies...
  • Blog Post: 5 Reasons Microsoft Partners May Not Hit Their Sales Goals in 2009

    The next PartnerPoint Member Webcast has been scheduled.  Sounds interesting: For this one, we have solicited the help of two Sales and Marketing organizations that we have used and know well, EntreQuest and EZY Consulting.  We've asked them to help us help our members grow their businesses...
  • Blog Post: Greenberg: Microsoft Gives Me A Happy Birthday: Entrepreneurs Rock!

    A good friend of mine and coworker Sanjay Jain ran the CRM Incubation Week last month. Mr. Greenberg was in attendance and his report on his Blog PGreenblog, CRM, Philosophy, Baseball & Universal Metaphors was a nice surprise for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. "What I found amazing about this whole...
  • Blog Post: Campaigns from start to finish

    Marketing campaigns can span months, years, and dozens of tasks and activities. Here's one example, titled Campaigns from Start to Finish , of how a marketing team can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to plan, run, and track its campaigns from start to finish. I'm listening to "It's All Right With Me" by Diahann...
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