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It takes people to make the music of life

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  • Blog Post: CRM MVPs visit Redmond

    As part of the Microsoft MVP Global Summit this year we took the time to sit down with some Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs and create this video. We seek to recognize the best and brightest from technology communities around the world with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award . So I wanted...
  • Blog Post: GeekGive: Northwest Harvest at MVP Summit 2011

  • Blog Post: CRM MVP Curtis Plays the Blues

    At the Microsoft MVP Global Summit this year, someone caught Curtis Spanburgh doin’ his thang. I wish we’d caught him on video when he sat in with the combo for a couple of songs at the CRM Team Dinner event.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Showcase Videos

    I’m in the process of looking at how my readers can find the most interesting and pertinent videos. The new (relatively) Microsoft Showcase Video has a lot Microsoft Dynamics CRM videos including this one from the Customer Relationship Management Summit. I like how this video talks you through the thought...
  • Blog Post: Summit ‘09 – CRM MVP Pics

    There are some groups of people you put up with ‘cuz you’re paid too or are stuck with them. Bank staffs, surely wait staffs, oblivious teams at work… I think they have to know who they are and they can’t be happy. And then there are the groups of peeps who you would do stuff with even if you didn’t...
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