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June, 2014

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    Sleuthing a BSOD

    Last week I (intentionally) paved my Carbon X1 by reinstalling Windows 8.1. I thought it would be painful and time consuming, but having files on OneDrive, and having Windows 8.1 automatically pull down my previous settings and installed Win 8 apps, and...
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    Microsoft’s shift to agile

    Why has Microsoft adopted agile practices? Is it working? Has it been successful? A couple of weeks ago Microsoft posted series of videos, each just a couple of minutes long, in which Microsofties from Developer Division discuss the transition. (Here...
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    C++ and SQL Server

    A customer asked me this morning about connecting to SQL Server from C++. Had to dig a little, but found some pretty good info and some sample code. Building applications with SQL Native Client: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms130904.aspx  ...
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