January, 2004

  • Gooey Bugs

    Good and Bad Music

    I have to be honest, I’m continually amazed at how long this list can go on, without getting one single comment about Prince being at the top of my “Good Music” list. It’s not that I put him there to generate blog traffic – I actually DO like his music...
  • Gooey Bugs

    Poor Man's Features

    Just like any software development company, the individual teams at Microsoft frequently find themselves needing to cut features for the sake of shipping their product. If we don't do this, an incurable and contageous mood altering phenomenon called needitnowosis...
  • Gooey Bugs


    My name is Jim Griesmer. I am a user-interface developer for the Visual Studio Debugger team. My interests not only include thoughts on software development, user interface design, debugging, and other highly nerdy computer issues, but also photography...
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