April, 2004

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    Digital Camera recommendations...

    (Feedback based update: 7/7/2004) Due to my computer and photography interests, I get asked quite frequently to spew about my recommendations for purchasing a digital camera. Of course I have opinions, but so do a million other photographer/computer...
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    Idiot's Guide to Creating and Using VS Macros

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to get to writing or entering macros in Visual Studio. Creating: Choose the “Tools.Macros.Macros Explorer...” menu item. If you've never used this capability before you should see a new toolwindow with a treeview...
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    I love digital photography!

    Jees, I've been intending to get this section started for a long while. To start, here's a short list of the equipment I own: Nikon D1X - I was a proud owner of the original Nikon D1. I love the improvements made for the D1X. An IBM 1GB microdrive...
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    Want to know: Use editor font in watch windows?

    One of the recent requests in my post Wanted: Debugger User Interface Feedback was to allow the font of the watch window to be different from that of other toolwindows in Visual Studio like it was in version 6.0. See the post for more details. I...
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    Breakpoint Groups

    I've seen this feature requested often. Here's a couple of macros that take some of the hassle out of managing your breakpoints. If you don't know much about creating or using macros in VS, take just a couple minutes to read through my Idiot's Guide to...
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    Articles added.

    I converted a couple of my initial posts to articles. If you've seen them great! Though, I did add a little blurb about a neat trick to the end of the 'Idiot's Guide'. Idiot's Guide to Creating and Using VS Macros Breakpoint Groups
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