Jim Lamb

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November, 2009

  • Jim Lamb

    How to Build Compact Framework Projects with TFS 2010

    If you have a Visual Studio 2008 solution with one or more Compact Framework (also referred to as “Smart Device”) projects that you’re trying to build with TFS 2010 or MSBuild 4.0, you’ve probably hit one of the following errors: error MSB4062: The "Microsoft...
  • Jim Lamb

    Upgrading TFS 2008 Build Definitions to TFS 2010

    If you’re a TFS 2008 user who’s thinking about installing TFS 2010 Beta 2 , you may be wondering what will be involved in getting your existing build definitions to work in 2010. You see, build definitions in TFS 2008 are entirely automated using MSBuild...
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