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  • Blog Post: A Rendezvous With Destiny: PASS 2009 (#sqlpass)

    Rendezvous With Destiny Forty-five years ago, Ronald Reagan aka Ronaldus Magnus spoke to Americans of our rendezvous with destiny . In a few short days the SQL Community will rendezvous in Seattle for the PASS 2009 Summit . This time last year, eager & anxious, I was preparing for my very first...
  • Blog Post: Lured by Ward Pond, Chris Shaw’s Notorious SQL Quiz Ensnares Me In Its Web

    SQL IT Operations Excellence IP Architect, colleague, & friend Ward Pond tagged me in a meme started by Chris Shaw (aka SQLShaw who originally tagged a whole lot of geeks including Thomas LaRock aka SQLRockster formerly SQLBatman (R.I.P.) & still lover of bacon who tagged Jeremiah Peschka aka...
  • Blog Post: Things You Know Now

    Today Kevin Kline, Quest's #1 SQL guru, tagged me, challenging me to offer bits of wisdom to SQL n00bs—which I mean in a good way considering this describes me not all that many years ago. As I divine the lineage of the "Things You Know Now" thread, Mike Walsh got things rolling, preeminent she-geek...
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