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  • Blog Post: Hello, World! Encore Edition aka Good-bye, Microsoft

    Moving On After nearly nine years at Microsoft, I’ve chosen to move on. I’ve accepted a position at Fusion-io —now a SanDisk company—as Worldwide SQL Server Solutions Architect where I’ll be evangelizing, documenting best practices, collaborating directly with the...
  • Blog Post: Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment) for SQL Server: Part 3: PASS 2008

    I've spoken publicly several times this year to crowds large-&-small: TechReady 6 (an internal Microsoft conference) Indy Tech Fest ITT Commencement Last week was my first external international conference, the Professional Association for SQL Server 2008 Community Summit . This...
  • Blog Post: Hello, World!

    Greetings, & welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post. Ever. What an auspicious moment. I’m blogging because my boss, my boss’s boss, & his boss all suggested I do so. I can take a hint. We all know the saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”. Note to aforementioned...
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